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Thesis Project

NESAD, Suffolk University, Boston


The wāw project is a metaphorical example I created to show how beautiful our world can become when different cultures integrate together, outside of any political tensions or cultural differences. This project stimulates cultural dialogue and communication through design and typography.

I began this project by working on joining Arabic and English letters into one space, and then continued with a long series of experiments until I designed typographical visuals that can be understood by many people from different cultures.



The visuals designed under the wāw campaign are distributed in many places through different applications. The positive energy that wāw creates makes people celebrate cultural similarities and differences and encourages them to explore different points of view. wāw is imbued with deep meaning that has the ability to open a wider space for people from multiple cultures to interact and live together.


Thesis Show

January 25 - February 3/ 2016

NESAD, Suffolk University, Boston


This thesis show included most of the wāw original ideas. Some of these ideas were altered depending on the suitable materials and given space.


wāw project has a deep meaningful idea that could be shown in public galleries and big international events to reach a wider audience  and spread the cultural change it is aiming for. 


Show components :

Series of  posters, sculpture design, acrylic and shadow installation, short video, wāw educational book, wāw thesis book, and wāw accessories.


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